Causes of a Tipped/Displaced Uterus

  • Repeated pregnancies close together with difficult deliveries (ideal to have 3 years so stretched ligaments have a chance to heal)
  • Bad professional care during pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum
    (including poor emotional support)
  • Carrying heavy burdens just before or during menstruation or too soon after childbirth
  • Wearing high heeled shoes
  • Running on hard surfaces, high impact dancing, aerobics or sports
  • Injury to sacrum or tailbone from a fall, a severe blow or car accident
  • Chronic constipation
  • Poor alignment of pelvic bones with the spinal column
  • Chronic spasms around the low back and sacrum
  • Carrying young children on the hip for prolonged periods of time
  • Modern Life
  • Emotional armoring from rape, sexual abuse, or incest at any time in your life (armoring presses down on uterus)
  • Straining during bowel movements
  • Aging and the pull of gravity on ligaments