“When I first made an appointment with Jennifer O’Hagan, I was in the throes of a severe relapse of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I was in pain 24/7 and at my wit’s end because everything I had relied on in the past seemed to lead me to a dead end. After four sessions with Jennifer, my pain levels were less, my bladder issues had completely cleared up, and I could feel a shift toward better health. Her Maya Abdominal Therapy, additional bodywork, and herbal recommendations have been nothing short of miraculous. Thank you, Jennifer, for helping my body and spirit reach a more balanced state this continues each day.”


“Jennifer is an excellent herbalist and was trained by some of the best herbalists in the industry. I would trust her to handle the health of any one that needs a provider.” – Maureen Rogers of Herbalpedia, LLC


“”I have sought Jennifer’s advice about several nutritional and digestive issues. It’s astounding how much knowledge she has and the practical, no-frills suggestions she generously offers. And Jennifer’s advice is spot-on! ” – Claire Caines


” I think the ATMAT work, spiritual healing and the emotional binding/cold laser therapy  have gotten rid of decades of pain…

My back is no longer hurting. I can even sit in the car. (I have not been able to sit more than about 5 min in a car without it becoming a horrible source of pain for me, so much so that I would either beat on the steering wheel, hover or stop the car and get out) I have been paying special attention to the constrictions in my core and refusing to allow it to take ahold of me. Thank you to Rosita, Greg, Jen and Beth, I am no longer suffering. I will pray for your healing hands.” – Laura