“When I first made an appointment with Jennifer O’Hagan, I was in the throes of a severe relapse of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I was in pain 24/7 and at my wit’s end because everything I had relied on in the past seemed to lead me to a dead end. After four sessions with Jennifer, my pain levels were less, my bladder issues had completely cleared up, and I could feel a shift toward better health. Her Abdominal Therapy, additional bodywork, and herbal recommendations have been nothing short of miraculous. Thank you, Jennifer, for helping my body and spirit reach a more balanced state this continues each day.”


“Jennifer is an excellent herbalist and was trained by some of the best herbalists in the industry. I would trust her to handle the health of any one that needs a provider.” – Maureen Rogers of Herbalpedia, LLC


“”I have sought Jennifer’s advice about several nutritional and digestive issues. It’s astounding how much knowledge she has and the practical, no-frills suggestions she generously offers. And Jennifer’s advice is spot-on! ” – Claire Caines


” I think the Abdominal Therapy work, spiritual healing and the emotional binding/cold laser therapy  have gotten rid of decades of pain…

“My back is no longer hurting. I can even sit in the car. (I have not been able to sit more than about 5 min in a car without it becoming a horrible source of pain for me, so much so that I would either beat on the steering wheel, hover or stop the car and get out) I have been paying special attention to the constrictions in my core and refusing to allow it to take a hold of me. Thank you to Rosita, Greg, Jen and Beth, I am no longer suffering. I will pray for your healing hands.” – Laura

“Thank you both for your time and teachings last weekend. I enjoyed learning more about each of you, your journeys, and what brought you to this work. Your courage and sacrifice are undoubtedly working to empower other women and paving the way for generations to come. It was an honor to be your student”.   B