A Pilgrimage to Ix Chel’s Temple

Once every two years, practitioners of Arvigo® Therapies get together to enjoy one another’s company, share great information, and take a pilgrimage to the Maya temples on Cozumel island. We go to the San Gervasio archaeological site to honor the lineage of our healing work and pay homage to our patroness, the Maya Goddess Ix Chel.

From around 600 – 800 AD, Cozumel island was designated a women’s refuge. Women from all over Central America would make a pilgrimage to this island twice in their life. Before menses to ask for fruitfulness and after menses to be thankful for fertility. If a woman needed refuge from a life situation, she could always count on her sisters at Cozumel to take her in.

While at the archaeological site, we saw a temple where women could join together to do their vaginal steams. Can you picture it? What a gift that must have been to share that experience with your fellow sisters!

I walked with my fellow Arvigo® practitioners down a dusty path to the temple for the Goddess Ix Chel. We stood around the temple in silence, giving our gratitude and thanks to the Maya Goddess. All of us could strongly feel her presence and the power of this area.

As some of you may know, I have a special place in my heart for the plant called Polly Red Head. As I was standing at Ix Chel’s temple, I looked down at the ground and the forest surrounding the temple, and saw Polly Red Head growing in abundance. Warm tears of happiness, elation, connection, and gratitude caressed my face as my heart was filled with joy with the presence of Ix Chel and Polly.

Every year, the conventions get better and better. This one was a delight. Great presentations, the camaraderie and hugs of good friends, our pilgrimage to Cozumel, and even a talent show (which went the whole gamut from bawdy to inspirational and moving to uproarious!)

Then convention was over and it was time to return home. What better way to start my travel day than to get up and watch the sun rise over the ocean and go for a final sunrise swim. It was time to leave this land, but the experience follows me home and warms my heart always.