Connecting with sacred feminine in the NM wild


I was recently in New Mexico teaching an Introduction to Maya Spiritual Healing class. We were at the beautiful Mandala Center in Des Moines, NM, which is located on the side of the Sierra Grande, which is a cinder volcano. The Sierra Grande is the largest cinder volcano in New Mexico (thankfully dormant!). The view from the Mandala center overlooks vast plains, mesas, and provides an exceptional view of the Capulin volcano (a cone volcano).

The perfect setting for a Maya Spiritual Healing class! A time to honor the sacred feminine, with balance to the sacred masculine. A time to honor our Mother Gaia and all the healing that she has to offer. A time to soak in the wisdom of our Maya lineage and traditional healers, and be blessed by the plants and healing waters.

We all left with a deeper connection to the Earth and with a bond to our sisters who shared in this work. My thanks to all of you for the sharing of love, compassion, humor, solidarity, hope, and playfulness. A circle of souls.

After the class I decided to explore the Pecos Wilderness outside of Santa Fe. I hired a guide named Brian Johnson of Less Traveled Trails to take me hiking. What a great guide and fabulous experience. He was a wealth of knowledge about the flora, fauna and history of the area, and picked the perfect trails for us to hike on. We walked through alpine meadows filled with yarrow, fairies trumpet, wild carrot, lady’s slipper, and unknown (to me at least!) beautiful flowers, past pines and quaking aspen. Each turn in the trail brought another beautiful scene to delight the eyes and soul.


When we arrived at some caves, my heart sang with joy.

The Birth Canal of our Mother Gaia!! A truly sacred place! What a great way to bring closure to a beautiful week celebrating our mother, Ix Chel, and the sacred feminine. I walked through her waters, splashed and played, and drank in her beauty and strength.

Well, I’m back home now, but the memories of my time in New Mexico linger on.

If you are interested in exploring the wilderness near the Santa Fe, NM area, I highly recommend Brian Johnson of Less Traveled Trails, He was a fabulous guide and you’ll thoroughly enjoy the day(s) he plans for you.