Our Services

Waterfall-homeThe process of healing should be organic and holistic, incorporating all aspects of a person’s life to restore balance. The focus of care at Woodland Naturals is centered on each person’s individuality, with specific attention paid to the root cause of a health issue in addition to addressing the symptoms. Through the use of herbs, nutrition, massage, and other healing modalities, the intention is to gently guide your body back into its proper harmonious state. At Woodland Naturals, we respect and believe in the body’s innate wisdom and natural ability to find health and achieve balance.

Jennifer O’Hagan is the founder of Woodland Naturals and co-founder of the Changewater Wellness Center. One of her specialties is an Abdominal Therapy as developed by Dr. Rosita Arvigo. This therapy incorporates an external, non-invasive massage that can address our inner core. It is particularly helpful for female and male issues, digestive and urinary issues, but beneficial for overall health as well. For some of the symptoms that can be relieved with this technique click here. More information on this technique can also be found on www.abdominaltherapycollective.com and www.arvigotherapy.com.

During an initial consultation, we will review a detailed health history questionnaire so that I can get to know you as a person. We will discuss what is happening in your life, your current state of health, medical history, and any specific symptoms that have brought you to seek my advice. The goal is to get a complete picture of each individual’s needs, which enables me to tailor suggestions to you as an individual. Suggestions could include herbs, supplements, bodywork, and many other healing techniques. The emphasis will be on creating a total wellness plan for each client, as opposed to a treatment plan for your symptoms. Woodland Naturals will also offer information on various modalities that would be helpful in the treatment of your health care issues, referring you to other practitioners whenever appropriate.

Consultations are educational in nature, intended to make you aware of the nutritional and other beneficial effects of diet, lifestyle changes, herbs, or herbal formulas, and other healing techniques. As a client, you take the responsibility for deciding what is right for you and whether or not you wish to use the herbs/therapies that are recommended.

Jennifer O’Hagan is a registered professional herbalist, having completed education in nutrition, herbalism, basic medical sciences, and related topics. This education you receive during a consultation does not include the diagnosis and treatment of disease following the standards of medical profession. Jennifer is not a licensed medical practitioner in any capacity in the State of New Jersey, and her services do not replace those of a licensed physician. Clients are advised to seek the advice of a licensed health provider for any illness or persistent symptoms.