My February Pilgrimage to Belize

My February Pilgrimage to Belize

February is often the time of year when I head down to Belize. Good timing, huh! Leave the cold, snowy, icy weather of New Jersey, and go to the warmth and beauty of Belize.

While there, I stay at the Chaa Creek Macal River camp. There are many little things to look forward to at camp, such as…

  • ‘Tammy the Tarantula’, who has a lovely home underneath one of the walkway rocks. We have found that she likes potato chips!

  • Checking my shoes before I put them on to make sure there is no critter looking back at me.

  • Walking in the evening and seeing the wolf spiders glowing their blue light in the dark. The females are particularly beautiful. They carry their young on their back, so if you see a spider with lots and lots of blue dots on her back, that’s a mama spider carrying her babies. Careful, don’t step on her!

  • And of course, there are the howler monkeys. I’ve heard their territorial call described many ways, but my favorite description from one student was ‘the sound of death coming through the jungle’. If you have never heard a howler monkey, Google it. Their sound has frightened many a new traveler to Belize!

  • The camp proprietor, Docio and his family, always makes everyone’s stay there very enjoyable.

Every morning and evening I walk along the Medicine Trail where the famous shaman and h’men, Don Elijio Panti, identified medicinal plants and trees. I like to imagine myself walking along beside him as I walk that trail.

It’s so interesting to see where life will lead you. 25 years ago I never would have dreamed that I would be doing what I’m doing now. It hasn’t been an easy journey, but I am thankful for the many challenges and the wonder along the way. I know the Maya Spirits are always with me…. guiding, protecting and nurturing.

It is believed that the gossamer veil separating the spiritual from the physical world is thinner here in Belize. And truly, there is something very special about standing on Mother Earth’s skin here. It is in Belize where I feel I deepened my relationship with the Maya Spirits, and many of the plants in the area.

I look forward to seeing my old friends of the green world in their rainforest habitat – Polly Red Head, John Charles, Estafiate, Ylang Ylang, Hibiscus, Virgin Slipper, Flur de Susto, Marigold, Rue, Basil, Sensitive Fern, Strong Back, and more.

You never know where life will lead you….but I’m so thankful it’s someplace warm and beautiful in February ☺!